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Here’s what we’re looking for:

Current Openings

      • Models
      • Makeup artists
      • Wardrobe
      • Photographers
      • Photographer Partners


An ideal applicant is one who can fill multiple roles (such as models who can also assist with makeup). Applicants will be considered based on their skill-level, experience, social media following, and the type of relationship they want with our brand. 


Non-model Artists (makeup artists, wardrobe, etc.) are paid per gig, depending on the concept and time of the gig. Models are paid based on a number of factors (how exclusive the content is, the nature of the content, their experience, their social following, etc.). In almost all cases, models whose work with us turns a profit for us (anything we make after the costs of producing the work) make a 30% cut of profit for 6 months, in addition to being able to market and sell a portion of the content themselves. Exclusive models enjoy higher, longer-term, payouts.

See this overview video covering some of the benefits of modeling with us.


Partners are creatives who sell through our marketplace, or who sell some content exclusively through us in exchange for the ability to promote their own content (such as on fan sites) through our social profiles. Partners are paid based on the type and exclusivity of their content on our site. 


We offer a basic referral program. Anyone who you refer, and who works with us, will qualify for a bonus to your account. Customers who refer new talent may receive site credit. Models who refer new talent may receive a bonus or a small percentage of the new talent’s sales for a period of time.


We are an adult brand. Models must be of legal age (ID required). In many cases, we will cover all costs associated with the travel of accepted talent (flights, gas, etc.), but not all. Each contract must be negotiated on an individual basis.


Please check which positions you are applying for:

Please indicate the style(s) of work you’re interested in:

Provide your current social media links for examples of your work. If you do not have examples, we will request 5-8 photos of your work or look during the review process:

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