FAQ - Updated February 2020

How do I chat with you? (Discord Server!)

As of 2-17-2020, we launched our Discord server. Our goal is to use this as a method to directly communicate with customers and fans. We will be inviting models to chat on the server; however, as of this writing, do not expect to chat with them. We'll see how this evolves.

Updated Discord link: https://discord.gg/TQpRGdh

How do points work? Can you tell me the most effective way to get access to tons of content?

Absolutely. The simple answer is: subscribe and earn points. The higher your subscription level, the more points you earn. At the $10-level, you get $15 worth of points. But at the $200-level, you get $650 worth.

While you can't use ALL your points on some premium or partner content, 95% of the site they work same as cash. Which means a few months at the $200-level and you'll have access to a significant chunk of the site. Cool, right?


I can't use points on an item, why?

Certain partner and premium content may limit points that can be spent on them. Points represent a huge discount on list price, and it's not always appropriate for our partners (who receive payouts from sales) or certain premium content.

It is always our intention to make points as useful and global as possible; in most cases, customers will be able to cover the cost of partner and premium sets by a percentage (usually 50%) using points.

Bundles and Series Sets
When we have a series of sets that are bundled, the individual sets in the bundle may qualify for points (since the total price of the sets will usually be 25-50% more than the bundle), but the bundle will not (due to the already discounted quality of the bundle).

There’s a ton of content here, but I’ve seen a lot more on your Instagram. What’s your release schedule like?

We plan to release between 20-60 sets per month to the site. This will include both new and archival content. If you’re looking for a specific model who has not yet been released, shoot us an email at [email protected]. If you’re looking for more of a model who is on the site, purchase her sets. When a model sells, we’ll add her content to a short list for adding additional sets on the site.

Can you explain your pricing a bit?

As a general rule, our math works like this:

"small" sets start at 3.99

"medium" sets start at 5.99

"large" sets start at 9.99

"Extra large" sets start at 13.99

"mega" sets start at 17.99

 fetish, Nudity, Multiple Models, and the amounts of each per set influence the final price of the set. A 7-model mega set starts at around 60. There is also "Premium" content that demands a higher price. This could be due to limited availability, requirements by the model, or the costs associated with producing the content. Premium content may have a maximum discount of 50% off (so only half the points will apply to those sets). As a rule of thumb: Premium content is harder to find, expensive, or more explicit than our standard content.

Keep in mind, if you purchase 50 points for 20 dollars, you're essentially getting more than half off on each of these sets - so the value speaks immediately once you subscribe. In addition, once a quarter we do a price review of the site. Aged content may decrease in price, or content that was marked "on-sale" may come off. Check back regularly.

Cool, can you elaborate further on your pricing and points structure?

Our launch goal is to match the sorts of releases we have done for the past 3 years on our Patreon. In order to give our members as much content on this site as we did on Patreon, we implemented a flexible rewards program. At the standard supporting amount ($20), you’ll be getting 50 points. This should allow you to essentially purchase the same number of sets supporters were receiving on our Patreon. Only now supporters can select the sets they unlock, and they can mix-and-match. And there’s a ton more flexibility, since points roll over from month to month. If you’re just visiting and want to purchase one or maybe two sets, our prices are higher to help support our costs.

What are the "Introducing" sets?

These are sets designed to help you get a good idea of what a model looks like and the sort of energy she brings to her sets. They tend to be priced very low, unless the set includes lots of skin, or the set is extremely large

We'd rather you invest in the models you want to see more of, rather than buy big sets and change your mind.

What is a "Premium" set?

Premium sets cost significantly more than any other sets on the site. Most of the time, these sets will be extra-large (61+) or mega (100+) images. Most of the time, the sets will include content you cannot find anywhere else.

Premium sets meet any of these criteria:

  • The set cost significant amounts to produce (model costs, props, wardrobe, locations, etc.)
  • Circumstances with the model demand a higher price for the set (exclucivity of the content, model request, etc.)
  • The set includes specialized (or custom) content that pushes the boundaries for the site or the model(s) included

Premium content is easiest to acquire with points; however, investing in the content with a direct purchase helps support the further creation of that sort of content and supports the site. Some premium content will be limited on the number of points that can be used to buy it, but that will be rare.

What is a "Limited Edition" set?

Limited Edition sets will be sold to a specific number of customers. Some sets will be sold exclusively, once. Others will be available for 2, 5, 10...etc. At this time, you'll find the number of available sets on the set preview pages of each set that is limited. In most cases, Limited Edition sets will be restocked only once or twice a year, and with extremely limited numbers. Limited Edition sets will be designated so because they include special/rare content or at the request of the content contributors.

What is an "Updated" or "Eternally Updated" Set?

We believe in giving our members value unlike any other in the market. If we revise a set, update edits, or polish anything - we'll update the set and add the revised content free of charge. You'll just see the work improve.

Eternally Updated sets are a retired idea; the goal was to regularly add free content to sets (and slightly increase the price). We will be replacing this idea manually.

What do you consider "X" rated content for this site?

X-rated content may represent one of two things:

  1. The furthest the model is comfortable going - sets that depict the most fetish/skin you will ever see on that model, for example; or
  2. Content that pushes the site restriction against pornography. These are the sets that show and/or imply the most.

In some cases, for Premium sets, it may be both.

What sets Darkwood Models apart from other, similar, sites?

Darkwood Models has four distinct brands, all in one site: casual, boudoir, cosplay, and fetish/erotic. Unlike other sites, you’re not getting the same (or a similar) type of content in each set. In addition to having a large catalogue of unique models, we also have multiple sets of each model we work with – if you find one you like, you can see more and support her with your purchases.

In addition, Darkwood Models is the ONLY site (to our knowledge) that has "Update" and "Eternal Update" features - this means we will CONTINUE to re-invest in existing content. This is why we call purchases on our site an "investment" - because it's doing a lot more for you and our talent than other similar sites.

Finally, Darkwood Models is all about building relationships with our customers. The content you purchase helps us decide on the direction of the site, and allows us to create high-quality sets (and clips) specifically for our members.

Why do you use the term "Investing"?

When you invest in a set, it's added to your collection forever. Moreover, your purchases will change the direction of our content releases - the more of a model we sell, the more of her content we will release. The same applies for the types of content. 

Furthermore, as sets become popular, we often pay attention to those sets and enhance them with new edits or content.

Therefore, we consider it an investment in our site and your experience whenever you make a purchase with us.

I bought a set and am not happy with it. What can I do?

Email [email protected]. We have a no refund policy, however, we will listen to our supporters’ feedback and are here to ensure customer satisfaction.

Note: This applies to Partner content as well.

How do I contact the right person for your site?

For all technical issues, including ones dealing with points and accessing content, email [email protected]

For all billing or charge-related issues, email [email protected]

For all requests submit to [email protected]

For all business inquiries, email [email protected]

How can I provide feedback on a set?

We love all sorts of feedback! Shoot us an email at [email protected] with the set name and your feedback.

Why don't you accept Paypal?

They do not allow processing for any Adult content.

Can I sell content on your site?

Yes! If you own the rights to the content.

Photographers: If your content is on-brand and comes with proof of consent and contracts from all parties, along with proof of age, we will re-sell your work here. Unlike other pages, we will not own your work; rather, we will license copies from you for either a 1-time payout or a percentage split. 

Models: Same as above, only you will need written consent (i.e. a contract/release) that clearly stipulates that you are allowed to sell/license the content taken. This applies only to models with content taken by others. We don't sell selfies, but professional model-photographers CAN also re-sell on Darkwoodmodels.com

Reach out to [email protected] for more information.

How do Partner Sets Work? (Pricing)

Partners receive an 80% payout on all direct sales, and a smaller portion (defined on a per-purchase basis) on point purchases. Many partner sets are priced a little higher, and most have a maximum discount (i.e. 50%) so the partner will receive a larger portion of the sale for themselves and their models.

This is to be fair. Plus, having partners adds a ton of value to the site - so support them!

What is the Darkwood Models Brand? (For Partners)

Artistic and elevated lifestyle, boudoir, fetish, and cosplay content that does not include:

  • Vivid depictions of vaginal penetration
  • Vivid depictions of actual sexual situations (pornography)
  • The act of any form of anal or vaginal insertion - a tail or buttplug is fine once inserted, but the act itself will not be depicted
  • Any suggestion of non-consent, overt and dehumanizing displays of women (subject to review), and any male/female content that suggests ANY sexual interaction (including most POV shots)
One of my sets is missing, what should I do?

It is never our policy to retract sets from customers. Once you buy it, the set lives in your library for your enjoyment for the life of the site. However, there are circumstances that make it impossible to keep content on the site. If this happens, we will do our best to notify our customers of the change. If we do not, or you notice the impact first, please email [email protected] We will then either:

1: Issue you points worth the value (or more than the value) of the content or;

2: Issue a full refund